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03-14-2013, 01:51 PM
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Originally Posted by angry_treefrog View Post
In the short term (until they add the two teams we all know are coming) , the western conference has been stronger than the eastern for a few years now - evens out some of the odds.

I'd rather have an 8 of 16 chance in the east than an 8 in 14 chance in the west.

Expansion will happen when the Panthers finally have a good team so that someone can poach valuable players off our roster - book it.
I think it'll be more impactful than you think. If you look at the standings right now, 7 of the top 9 teams in the league are in the East. The NHL has so much parity that any team can make a run in any season. Having to overcome six other teams to make the playoffs is significantly easier than overcoming eight. It'll all be moot assuming expansion comes sooner than later, but in the mean time, it's borderline asinine for a professional sports league to unbalance conferences. It was a big enough joke in baseball and was remedied, and something that I'm sure wouldn't fly in the NFL or NBA these days.

The NHL has a hard enough time attracting outside fans. This new system is confusing and unnecessary and comes off as another turn off. Just my opinion of course. Would have been so much easier to switch a few teams and keep the current system. I sure will miss those 1-8 conference playoffs.

As for your last statement - you're probably right. Looks like it's setting up that way.

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