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03-14-2013, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by OilerTyler View Post
I sure hope the Oilers weren't trying to force Eager to fight right after his concussion.
If eager can't fight then eager isn't an NHL player. In a way he is forced to fight if he wants an NHL job. Its his choice if he wants to fight or not.

Originally Posted by JustinCider View Post
We, as Oiler fans, overvalue our players big time. With both Hordi and Eager clearing, it really shows you the kind of work Tambo has been doing. Belanger would probably clear waivers too. Meaning the offseason of 2012 was truly horrible. This team has one of the worst bottom 6 in the league. Some major changes need to be made, and I think it should start with Tambo.
I highly doubt Belanger would clear. He's still good checking center.

Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
WEll there goes the "Eager is a good free agent signing that several teams would have had interest in" theory.

Which was actually stated often here by Tambo supporters who liked the Eager signing and Barker signing and any other assorted dreck the cat dragged in.
If you don't see how Eagers value has dropped with his concussions limiting the amount he can fight then your a lost cause. I bet you that if the Oilers didn't sign eager when they did that someone else would have.

Barker is a signing i'd do again. He didn't pan out but we all knew that was probably going to happen. In a season where your wins and losses don't really matter why not give a former 3rd overall draft pick a chance to rediscover his game? If you can't see that for what it was then you should probably stop sharing your opinion.

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