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Game 22 vs Buffalo Sabres
4-3 Win


1st 1:31 Tlusty (Eric Staal, Semin)
+1 Tlusty - When those kinds of deflections start going in, you know the hockey gods are smiling on him. But he earned it by preventing a turnover just beforehand.
+1 Semin - Another great example of the chemistry he's showing on that line.
+1 Eric Staal - Got bailed out of making a bad pass initially, but he made one heck of a smart play to put the puck toward Tlusty instead of on net. He also did a nice job forechecking to start the sequence.

3rd 1:15 Jokinen (Eric Staal, Semin)
+1 Semin - The chemistry he has with E. Staal is just unreal.
+1 Eric Staal - He should have drawn a penalty from Sekera too. Hard forechecking has earned him a lot of pluses this year.
+1 Jokinen - For a guy on a cold streak, these are the kinds of points that make a big difference. Just go to the net and pick up the garbage.

3rd 16:13 Semin (Eric Staal, Gleason)
+1 Semin - Dat wrister. Holy crap. Also, he shook off Gerbe like a gnat in the corner.
+1 Eric Staal - Yet another case of him jumping on a loose puck in the offensive zone, making a broken play work out.
+1 Harrison Gleason - Dicey play at the blue line, but he stuck with it and kept the possession alive at the critical moment.


3rd 0:25 Hodgson (Vanek, Pominville)
-1 Skinner - Just a poor defensive effort at both ends. Between him and Jordan, Buffalo was set up with a ton of speed through the neutral zone that pretty much screwed the rest of the defenders.
-1 Jordan Staal - What exactly was he trying to accomplish on the forecheck? Getting deked by Myers is embarrassing enough, let alone having the other center end up with an easy tap-in. That's the kind of play that makes defensemen and goalies look bad.

+3 Semin
+3 Eric Staal
+1 Harrison Gleason
+1 Jokinen
+1 Tlusty
-1 Skinner
-1 Jordan Staal

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