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03-14-2013, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Excuses, Excuses, Excuses - more excuses for Gaborik. Its at the point where theres too much baggage and not enough production to warrant his $7.5M price tag for too much longer. And I dont mean baggage in the traditional sense like hes a malcontent. I mean that it sure seems like conditions needs to be perfect in order for Gaborik to consistently produce. Lets see...

-needs to play right wing
-needs to be 100% healthy, usually isnt
-cant create on his own (unless healthy, usually isnt - or at least thats the excuse)
-disappears in overtly physical games, as the playoffs usually are
-wrong side of 30 - depends heavily on speed

We see this as Ranger fans. What makes you thinks 29 other teams dont see this? And what makes you think they're going to give up a huge package for a player who certainly appears to be on the decline?
Wow, a post about Gaborik that doesn't ring hollow. Well done!

Poor Marian; his shoulder hurts, he's playing out of position, his groin is bothering him, his feelings are hurt, it's the wrong time of month, botta beep, botta bop!

Geeze, can't people around here accept Marian for who/what he is, and that is:

" A (supposedly) elite goal scorer who has(or once had) world class speed who can't stickhandle worth a **** and who when he isn't scoring goals, brings absolutely nothing else to the table."

There, I said it; now that wasn't so hard, was it??

Opps, I forgot; I'm the "Debbie Downer" who bashes most Ranger's players with the exception of a select few!


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