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03-14-2013, 04:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Diamondillium View Post
Finally got SC4 working, got a city to around 150k pop, but ran into the problem that always causes issues for me.

Residential zones abandoning due to commute time. I really have no idea how to fix this, I put bus stops everywhere (just recently started on a subway system too), avenue system throughout the city is solid, the abandoned part is right beside a highway which goes everywhere in the city, traffic congestion could be a bit better but it's by no means bad really... Is there a commute mod out there that fixes this? I never played with mods before, but I may resort to it if it helps. Alternatively, does anybody know what to do about this without mods?

I was never able to get into SC4 in the past due to this issue, and it often pushed me to go back and play SC3K instead, would love if I could finally figure out how to solve this.

Edit: Once I get home I can get a picture of my layout if it helps, (posting from phone currently) but for now I can say it's a map with a river, industrial on one side of the river and commercial and residential on the other side. The abandoned parts are pretty much in the centre of the map, right where my residential areas stop and the commercial areas begin.
I would highly suggest you consider installing the network add-on mod. It improves things like commute management considerably over the built in traffic simulator that shipped with the game.

From what you have described, i'm guessing that even tho you have a highway very nearby, the sims aren't using it because it isn't the "shortest" path to where they want to go. And because of that, they are probably going through some extremely congested path somewhere along the way and it delays them enough that they use up their maximum trip time, meaning they never make it to work, leading to commute time abandonment since everyone in the same building tends to work in the same general area.

The only thing I found that works as far as preventing that in the default version of the game is to "checkerboard" your city, alternating areas of residential and commercial/industrial.

I would need to actually see your city, or ideally be able to load it up and look at it. If it does not have any neighbors you can just zip it up and stick it somewhere on the web and I can look at it if you want. Then I could go in and see exactly what is wrong.

But once again, I highly suggest getting the network addon mod, or at the very least the traffic simulator configuration tool, which will give you just the traffic simulator without all the other goodies, if you want to use the bare minimum as far as mods go.

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