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Originally Posted by saffronleaf View Post
That makes a lot of sense. I did not know that Swiss hockey players get paid so much. Plus, Switzerland is a beautiful and highly developed country. I can see a player in Magnitogorsk, for example, wanting to play in North America even with that kind of salary. But Switzerland seems like an amazing place to live in. (No offense to anyone from Magnitogorsk)

But still, the population aspect isn't a big excuse; 8 million puts you guys right in between Sweden and Finland. But yeah, Switzerland always puts up a good fight in the Olympics; many close matches. Hopefully they see some success soon in that regard. And of course, Sweden and Finland had a big head start in terms of hockey.

Do you think a Swiss star in the NHL would make a difference? It seemed like players like Salming made a difference in Sweden. Brunner looks like he's going to be great for the Red Wings.
We already have Streit still an All-Star player and captain of the Islanders. Without forgetting two stanley cup winner (both goalies, Gerber with Anaheim and Aebischer with Colorado).

But you are right, until now we always lacked a star forward. Brunner and then Niederreiter could maybe pave the way.

A comparison with both Sweden and Finland makes only sense number-wise, but it's not really possible. For instance in Switzerland is very difficult to get the passport and of the 8 million people 1.7 million (22%) are NOT swiss and are mostly Germans, Italians, Balcanic and so on, also people with a strong soccer and not hockey culture. They cannot of course play for our national team.

Second: Swedish people are huge. The average height of men is much higher than the swiss men, meaning that is much easier to find the combination size+talent ( 1.815 m (5 ft 11.5 inches) in sweden against 1.754 m (5 ft 9 in) in switzerland).

Third: geographic. Sweden and Finland have a lot of natural ice on many different lakes, in Switzerland is almost non-existent. My hometown's team, HC Lugano, was founded around a small lake that in the 40's was always, consistently frozen. Now from the '80 it is always impossible to skate, the ice is too thin or not-existent (thanks global warming!).

So yeah, that are some reason

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