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03-14-2013, 04:12 PM
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Originally Posted by GFORCE View Post
Have you read the first post of this guy? He clearly has an agenda against Prust. Suggesting multiple times he could be a buyout option in the offseason, and now, focusing only on the fact that he's not been in the lineup in recent losses to make a point. He accuses people of cherry-picking and of going all over the top because of an injury to Prust, still, he has no trouble doing exactly the same on the other side of the fence. That's hypocritical. You would expect better from a guy blaming this kind of "behavior".

Of course, nobody would have this discussion if Moen could get his head out of his ****ing ******* and play the kind of hockey he's paid to play. And if White didn't have a bipolar neurological disorder.
When did I ever say I wanted Prust to be bought-out? I bet you 20,000$ that I never ever suggested we buy out Prust. Seriously, go find the post where I said the Canadiens need to buy out Prust. I bet you can't.

I bet you can't even find a post of mine where I claim Prust is useless. You are telling other people to read when you don't even do so.

I said:

1. Prust is an important part of the team
2. I hope he isn't out too long
3. People over-exaggerated when he got injured
4. Habs have more than enough depth to shoulder the loss right now

How that in your equates to me hating on Prust is beyond me. I have nothing against Prust, just showing how absurd it was to suggest that he was the reason for this team's success and that we would falter without him, which actually people suggested would happen.

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