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03-14-2013, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by the_fan View Post
Those are examples of the Avs having too many streaky scorers and not enough consistent scorers.

All i'm saying is that if the Avs wanna tank the season to get a top draft pick, they should tank it all the way and get top 2 pick so they can draft consistency instead of another streaky scorer, or another good character guy that wont get you tons of points but will be a good guy in the locker room.
Again, deep draft. There are plenty of really good hockey players who, as others have pointed out, would normally go much higher if not for the depth of this class.

I think saying anyone outside of MacKinnon/Jones is going to be a "streaky scorer" or a "good locker room guy that won't get you tons of points" is incredibly naive. Getting another top-4 defender and a sniper-type scorer are definitely needs, doesn't mean there are only two players capable of addressing them.

The Avs were the highest-scoring club in the NHL for years and didn't have a Norris-caliber defenseman nor did they have an elite sniper at the top of his game. Great teams and great offenses are as much about coaching, a good gameplan, using personnel the right way, and getting guys who do the little things right--like defense--as it is about snagging superstar players. If it were that simple, the Oilers would be setting all kinds of scoring records.

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