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Originally Posted by Hawkey Town 18 View Post
Special Teams Units look pretty good overall. That first PP unit is going to be one of the best in the league. The 2nd PP unit seems like it could use someone that's a better finisher up front. PK units look good, especially up front.
Thanks. When I started with Esposito and Coffey, I figured I'd want to stack the first PP unit as much as possible - also why I was so keen on drafting Kovalchuk, who in the NHL has played the point of the PP, often for the full 2 minutes, over a number of years, through a number of coaching changes.

My second PP is the weakest of my special teams units, but that's fine. IMO, #2 PP is the least important - the #1 PP usually plays the first 1:20 or so of a 2 minute penalty, and if they score, the 2nd PP doesn't play at all. Whereas the penalty killers tend to take shorter shifts. I see Milan Novy as the catalyst for the 2nd PP up front with Armstrong as the net guy.

EDIT: I don't know much about Bob Dailey, but Tom Johnson seems like he might be better on the 2nd PP unit, but then you don't have a RHS out there, so I'm not sure. Also probably depends on how much that 2nd pairing is going to be playing at ES and whom against. With Kovalchuk and Coffey playing most of the PP anyway it's probably not that big of a deal.
I originally had Johnson on the 2nd PP, but I think I like Dailey there better. If I needed a QB for the 2nd unit, I'd pick Johnson, but I have Lloyd Cook to do that. From what I've read about Dailey, his most noteworthy asset is his 100 mph slapshot. I see him basically taking Kovy's place, while Cook takes Coffey's place for mopup duty at the end of the PP.

I'm going to try to give Tom Johnson as many minutes in a shut down role as possible, because I think that's what he's best at (and because I don't want Coffey to have to do that!)

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