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03-14-2013, 05:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
To the two bold points: Minnesota's owner says the new alignment is going to save his team ~$1m on travel expenses. That's not worth doing?

Also, Vancouver was never going to separate from Calgary and Edmonton. You want to preserve your rivalry games just so you can take them away from another team? Bull.

Expansion was inevitable with realignment or without.
Vancouver would still be CONFERENCE rivals with Edmonton and Calgary, if they went to the Pacific. They would play them 4 times a year. Under this new system, how many times will VAN play EDM/CAL? FOUR TIMES A YEAR! They aren't building rivalries, most teams are playing their main rivals less!

Every rival does not have to be in the same division under the current format. BOS/PHI is a good one. PIT/WAS is great. CHI/VAN out West has been heated for years. Not only that, but you play a ton within your division and the games get really nasty. That's why it worked so well. But no. Let's scrap it because Detroit is whining. The NHL didn't invent time zones. Up until now, they drew a line between the 30 teams. The 15 to the east were in the East. The 15 to the west were in the West. Yea, it created a couple problems, but the solution to that is not to come up with some ridiculous format that solves a couple problems for a couple teams and creates more for everybody else.

When we get through next year and realize we go months without seeing the Flyers, or Isles, or Devils... you'll understand why this absolutely blows. Enjoy your Jackets/Rangers games! WOW! Bad blood there.

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