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Originally Posted by CrAzYNiNe View Post
The way I see it is that yes all teams have highly paid players, but my best examples are Crosby and Malkin. If any players deserve leagues max, it would be Crosby right? Max a player could make I believe is 20% so at 64.3 mil cap, that is 12.86 million. Knowing that Crosby took a discount (Ovechkin is the highest at 9.5), it helps his team stay competitive. Max took a good discount, look at the players making more than him, a lot of them aren't producing like Max is.

Saying that teams can be competitive with players making 6+ M is obvious, but saving cap space a million here, 1.5 there, can get you a player that would make 4.5 instead of 1 a year. Sometimes taking the risk can backfire (a la Gomez) but you can't be afraid to take the risk.
Key is in developping young players, if everytime a player leaves or retire you have to acquire another via trade or UFA you'll be in trouble, but if you have young players (even if only one) ready to step in and replace those who left you should be O.K.

for example, when Gionta leaves if there's a young player making 1 mil ready to take his spot (or at least be a regular in the NHL) then we're good with the Cap, if we have to spend another 4 or 5 Mil to replace him then it's going to be hard to ice a good team.

Pens are the exception as they arent really good at drafting, but since they have two generationnal talent on their team they'll look decent to good for a long while.

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