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03-14-2013, 04:53 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthJerseyRanger View Post

CLB to the Southeast
DAL to the Central
WIN to the Northwest
VAN to the Pacific

...done and done. No, let's scrap something that works perfectly so Detroit can be in the East, despite being ONE OF THE 15 MOST WESTERN TEAMS, and Columbus doesn't throw a hissy fit about it. Good job, NHL. This will last the 3 years and upon reevaluation they will realize how stupid they did this. Hopefully by then we have the expansion so they can just go to 4 Conferences and we can play a decent number of games against our real rivals again.
Nope, that doesn't work. Detroit is in the Eastern time zone and both the NHL and the Wings want to be in the Eastern Conference. I don't blame them.

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