Thread: News Article: Kroenke Buys Outdoor Channel
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03-14-2013, 06:37 PM
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Originally Posted by RockLobster View Post
But the NHL would have no control over this if he wants to turn The Outdoor Channel into Altitude. It would be treated as a "Channel Rebranding/Repackaging" (much like when TNN changed to Spike TV)

That's what I'm hoping happens. That he takes The Outdoor Channel, when the sale is completed, and rebrands it as Altitude for those people who have TOC (The Outdoor Channel) but don't have Altitude. It gets his programming into more homes.
I don't think it's that easy though. He can't just rebrand the station and throw Nuggets games on everywhere...or Avalanche games.

From the altitude website -

Where is Altitude available?
Altitude is available within a 10-State territory of the Rocky Mountain Region including: Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Northern New Mexico, Northeast Nevada and Southwest South Dakota.

Availability in these states is based on NBA and NHL territorial restrictions which determine where Avalanche and Nuggets games can be distributed. Outside of the Altitude territory, Altitude is available in regional Sports Packs (anywhere in the U.S. that Dish Network or DirecTV service is offered), however all Avalanche and Nuggets games will be blacked out. All other Altitude programming is available in these areas.

Colorado Avalanche games are available in the following areas: Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas (except for Kansas City), Nebraska, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Northern New Mexico and Northeastern Nevada.

Denver Nuggets games are available in the following areas: Colorado, Wyoming (except for Evanston), Nebraska, Kansas, Northern New Mexico and Southwestern South Dakota. Collegiate game blackouts are determined on a game by game basis.
The NHL, NBA, and some college conferences place territorial restrictions on the distribution of certain teams or games. Altitude and its cable/satellite distributors must follow these mandated territorial restrictions, which is why you may not receive a specific game, depending on your location.
I think the KC area in Kansas must be in the territory of the St Louis Blues and the Evanston WY territory is in the Utah Jazz area. The NHL and NBA have definitely drawn lines on the map here.

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