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Originally Posted by herbst20 View Post
I think his linemates have ALOT to do with his success this year. His line consists of Zach Stepan and Taylor Cammaratta. IMO he is the 5th best forward on the Waterloo team....also putting Stenglein and Hinostroza ahead of him.

I am not saying he isnt very skilled, because he is, but no way he puts up these kinds of numbers without these particular linemates.
I looked further into the stats, and based on the games you've seen (a relatively small sampling) I can understand your opinion. Kloos's stats against Cedar Rapids (in games in which all 3 have appeared) are far inferior to those of Stepan and Cammarata (in 6 games - Cammarata - 10 pts, Stepan 9 pts, Kloos 5 pts).

Kloos, Cammarata and Stepan have all been in the line up for Waterloo a total of 42 games so far this season. In those games, below are the stats (and they include the Cedar Rapids games).

Cammarata - 29g, 42a, 71 pts
Kloos - 24g, 47a, 71 pts
Stepan - 26g, 39a, 65 pts

Against Playoff teams (if the season ended today - 18 games):

Cammarata - 13g, 17a, 30 pts
Kloos - 12g, 19a, 31 pts
Stepan - 12g, 15a, 27 pts

I'm not saying that Kloos is better than either Zach or Taylor, but why does he seem to be the only one tagged with "riding the coattails" of his line mates?

Do you think it's possible that Cammarata's and Stepan's point totals are what they are because they play with Kloos, or is it just a one way advantage for Kloos?

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