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03-14-2013, 06:09 PM
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Originally Posted by ltrangerfan View Post
To keep them for the playoffs? .

I've given that point a bit of thought in my own regard.

If my face tix price is $100. In theory how much is the face on my playoff tix round 1? $150 face? Round 2? etc

If I put the tix on the exchange I add another 10% to my cost.

How much can I really expect to get in a resale?

I'm wondering if I am rapidly approaching the point of paying the playoff vig and letting others take the risks in down seasons, exhibition games, lack of demand for some games?

These thoughts never occurred to me when I was paying $30 or $40 or $50 per game.

I'm totally convinced that given MSG's pricing they would relish a SC team which would create enough surplus demand for seat licenses.
Assuming they could sell out the initial license they would be locked into full houses every year at their prices.
A little bit different considering you have 100 dollar face tickets, if that was me which I can't afford as im only 23, I would have to drop that. My point is 2 years ago vs the caps I paid 130 for game 4 tickets so I thought why should I pay 130 when if I had my own pair I could have went to 2 playoff games for the price of 1. If I dropped my seasons now and I wanted to go to a playoff game in every round buying off stubhub or other STH I would obviously be paying way more and Id kick myself in the butt for giving it up. If the Rangers ever would ever to get to the finals and if I wanted to go to a game 5 and 7 or a game 6 the price I would have to pay is 100s over face when if I just had seasons I coulda went to every game in the finals at face. That is really going to be the only point worth staying IMO and im sure others feel the same.

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