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Originally Posted by TheLegend View Post
Say what??

1) It was Glendale who came up with the bonds idea for Hulsizer and...

2) Their only hand-picked owner was Jerry Reinsdorf.

3) We really don't know what the asking price is other than speculation.
I'll give you the lack of clarity there.

To be clear, I meant that the NHL seemed to endorse both Hulsizer and Jamison, or at the least publicly sold their bids to whomever they tried to convince. In the case of Hulsizer, when the Goldwater Institute began to put pressure on potential bond buyers, Bettman came out and showed some disdain for GWI's tactics, saying something along the lines of "Let it go." With Jamison, both Bettman and Daly tried to sell him to a then-souring Scruggs and the city council as the guy that would do right by the Coyotes and Glendale. This is not to say either was hand-picked by the NHL, but both received pretty staunch public support from the man at the top of the league, and we all know that when they want to, they can resort to saying nothing with a lot of words. That they put their necks out there on their behalf at least says they gave approval to what they were doing.

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