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Originally Posted by Whileee View Post
Perhaps he hasn't done so for previous ownership hopefuls because he didn't like the cut of their jib.
Could be, or perhaps because he promised the BOG's it wouldnt cost them dime one. Consider this post from kdb on the Hamilton thread....

Originally Posted by kdb209 View Post
It would actually very likely increase the the amount the teams (mostly from the big revenue/market teams) pay into Revenue Sharing - it would just shuffle around the contributors and recipients. The League is committed to paying 6.055% of HRR(*) - higher HRR, higher revenue sharing. (*) Up to the amount necessary to make up the difference between 50% of Club's revenues (excluding playoff revenue) and the cap midpoint for every recipient.... edit: A hypothetical increase in HRR of $60M from a move from Phoenix (the delta between Phoenix and Vancouver in the Forbes #'s) would increase the cap midpoint by $1M and the floor by $850K. The increased HRR would increase the aggregate revenue sharing needs of the recipient teams by $15M, but provide only an increase of $3.93M in revenue sharing funds.
So maybe thats whats evolving, this is the way he's been thinking, the strategy. It didnt/doesnt matter that the price for the franchise just continues to go up, bought & paid for on a LOC, he can easily flip it to wherever elsewhere while artificially maintaining the average franchise values of $200M with a bit of a bump. He'll just have to be careful in the selection of destination, a 'B' type market, smaller, more boutique, one that would be moderately as opposed to wildly successful. So maybe QC scare's him a bit that way. Reason why he didnt pull the trigger last summer, contemporaneously combined with the Lockout, Jamison continuing to provide the requisite cover.... Like shopping for a pair of cammo pants. Impossible to find. Obvious, but not so much. Pretty ding dang clever if you ask me Whileee. And colder than ice itself.

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