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03-14-2013, 07:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Avder View Post
Its not that bad. It looks better than my first SC4 city, actually.

It looks like congestion is the most likely culprit. And it looks like a lot of that is because the sims are using streets for so much.

There's a couple things you can try if you dont want to install NAM yet.

First: Deal with those damned streets. Two options here
Option A: Go through and see if you can turn some of them in to dead ends. The problem with streets tho is that they like to auto-connect to any other surface network when they get plopped, so if you bulldoze a street tile, rather than dragging street back on to the now empty tile, drag a tile of road instead. Roads dont hook up by themselves.
Option B: Upgrade non dead-end streets to full fledged roads. Ignore your advisor when he complains about "streets are endgangered". He's full of lies.

Second: Once all the congested streets are dealt with, start upgrading congested roads to one-way roads. Make sure to make one in each direction. One way roads are one of your best options for getting traffic to go where you want to go, but you have to make sure that other roads arent "shorter" because the sims will turn off of the one way and on to an already congested street if it's a shorter route, distance wise.

Third: Bus stops on every single corner in the city. Sims in the unmodded version of SC4 will only walk about 6 tiles or so to get to mass transit, so in order to get them to use it, the area must be saturated. Busses in unmodded SC4 also have the advantage that they do not contribute to traffic, so if a particular sims route to work is congested, he may take the bus.

Fourth: Make sure there are enough jobs for idiots in the city. your education map tells me that your sims are complete idiots for the most part, and your jobs and pop graph indicates that they are mostly low wealth. So, what kind of jobs do dirt poor, moronic sims qualify for? Fast food and dirty industries. You will probably need a fairly large patch of dirty industry within driving distance of that unemployment black hole so when people stop abandoning those buildings they have jobs that they qualify for to go to.

Fifth: make sure your overall jobs:pop ratio is a bit better than 1:2. About half of your city should be counted as workforce, so there need to be at least half as many jobs as there are people.

Sixth: once all of that is done, just let the simulation run for about 10-15 years. Once that time has elapsed, look at your education data view again. Every area covered by an elementary school should be a lot greener. Areas still in red and inside the radius of a school are prone to unemployment. Same for the health data view.

Finally: De-zone the problem areas and re-zone them as commercial.

If you still need some help, feel free to ask more. There are some more solutions, but most of those involve utilizing region play.
Thanks for the help, I'll definitely give all those tips a shot, see how the city turns out. Greatly appreciate it

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