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12-22-2003, 06:43 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyerGuy69
Iginila is not a franchise player, Kovalchuk is, Heatley is, Thorton is. I love people who just throw around the word franchise when a player is really good.

would Iginla do better and put up more points if he were on the Flyers with a better supporting cast, I would say yes but that still doesn't make him a franchise player.

and to T@T, who's worth 8 million a year you ask? alot of players aren't worth what they are payed but you can put Iginla on that list too. also, Iginla is not the type of player to bring the Flyers a Cup, a great goalie is.
Whats with the 8 million crap?

He makes 7.5 mill this year, and has to be qualified at 7 million. Not 8.

7 million is still a lot of money no doubt, but lets all stop exaggerating it. Plenty of teams would be interested at this price.

Besides, an article came out saying that the flames were trying to renegotiate his deal down to 5-6 million over 5 or so years right now. I think he is worth that.

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