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Here are Fedorov's PPG finishes in those four 20+ point playoffs:

1995: Third-place, but we can confidently toss out first-place finisher Theo Fleury who rampaged through a opening round loss at 2ppg. That puts Fedorov second behind Francis, but mere fractions ahead of Leetch and Messier (who only played five less games than Fedorov). Still, Sergei is miles ahead of anyone else who played in the finals. Pretty good season.

1996: Ninth-place. Behind teammate Yzerman. Also behind other immortals such as Petr Nedved and Shayne Corson. Interestingly, also only .053ppg behind an aging Mark Messier.

1997: Tied for tenth-place. Tied, btw, with defensemen Dmitri Mironov and Sandis Ozolinsh. Also a few spots behind Rod Brind'Amour who played a similar role as Fedorov on the Flyers (defensive role, lesser linemates) but whose team sucked in the finals. Remember that comparison to Brind'Amour that someone made a few pages back (and was studiously ignored by the pro-Fedorov crowd)? Sure looks interesting now, huh?

1998: Seventh-place. Behind teammate Yzerman, and barely ahead of teammates Lidstrom and Holmstrom.

What's really interesting in looking at these lists, is the scarcity of players from Detroit's opponents in the three years they made the finals. 1995? No Devils. 1998? No Caps. 1997, of course, is the exception with Philly's, 'big three' all placing ahead of Fedorov in PPG. This begs the question: if the Eastern Conference was capable of producing a champion that wasn't a collection of journeyman trapping for their lives, how much further down these lists would Fedorov fall?

Regardless. Not Fedorov's fault he played against some trap-happy, 'miracle' teams. He took advantage of it, and he deserves credit for that. It was certainly a accomplishment, but let's not act like this makes him God's gift to the playoffs. He was a mid-level producer who strung together some health and consistency on a stacked team that played more games than any other franchise during that time-frame. Actually. . . does four years even count as consistency? Those are the only four years Fedorov ever even cracks the top-ten in PPG!

I mean, even an aging Messier had finishes of 4th, 9th, 4th, 5th and 10th. . . and that's just in the 1990s (y'know, the decade in which Sergei was, 'the most valuable player' in the game ). That's where Fedorov fits on a list of playoff performers. Behind an ancient Messier playing on (for the most part) inferior teams.

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