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03-14-2013, 08:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Heyoooo View Post
This is why I hate New York fanbases. Most impatient and bi-polar ****ers out there and not willing to stick with a guy through in a slump. I can only imagine the roster turnover if this board was GM.

Was he washed up in 2010-11, too?

240 games vs. 25 is the difference between washed up and a star?

Didnt know this board was full of comedians.
lol....this isn't a rough patch or "slump". This is a player that once had blazing speed and a lethal shot to back the opposing D --------> that has now Deteriorated (lost his speed, his shot is not what it was, say what you want, perhaps the torn labrum, etc) into a player that scores pretty much garbage goals or Spoonfed Gimmes.

Think about this.....the ONLY LONE goal he has in the last 5+ weeks is the lone Islander Goal where it was a 4-on 3 PP. LOL

This Guy is done...he has been even when he scored 41 last year, I've said I'd trade him for a bucket of Islander pucks

He did nothing in the Playoffs (OT vs WA was a spoonfed gimme)

And now he has ZERO compete LEVEL.......NONE

Sorry......but you sound like the blind leading the blind. I prefer to call it how I see it. Gaborik needs to go. Period

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