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03-14-2013, 08:09 PM
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Originally Posted by kemisti View Post
East does play looser; but I don't think Detroit or Datsyuk will. Not that much he would score 100+ points imo. Yeah, it's possible but I don't think it will happen.

Voracek is better and in better position than what he was in Columbus.
I don't think there's any chance Pavel approaches 100 points next season, regardless of the pending last NHL season + Olympics in Russia combination. He last knocked on the 100 pt door back in 08/09, which was a while ago.

He's been getting dinged up the last few years, so I don't see him playing enough games to give him a shot at 100 pts anyway. And unless there's a dramatic shift in the top 6 lineup for next season (fingers crossed!), he once again won't have the talent around him to cash in on the chances he creates. And our defense isn't scoring nearly as much as they used to with #5 on the blueline. Oh, and he's still too unselfish at times for his own good, passing up shot opportunities to try to complete the perfect pass (and while most of those passes do get to the intended targets, the lack of talent around him isn't getting him the assists).

So yeah, he'll do fine in the EC, but IMO he's not coming close to the century mark in points.

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