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03-14-2013, 09:09 PM
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Originally Posted by vstk View Post
1) The Rangers don't have to finish in the top-3 to compete for the Cup

2) It's a shame that you have given up already this early in the season.

No, I wouldn't do it. Losing Prust, Feds, Dubi and Anisimov already showed what can happen when you lose a really solid bottom 6. We have a good two lines now and I wouldn't trade Gaborik to get more grinders. If we could get more solid bottom 6 guys without losing Gaborik, fine. Nash is great and all, but he can't carry this team all by himself. He needs Gaborik, Richards and bottom 6 to perform on their right level. And with Nash, you would think Gaborik didn't have that much pressure for scoring by himself.
He has that pressure with Nash, w/o Nash whatever because we don't have a plethora of talent and our depth has been severely compromised since last year. If you move Gaborik, it doesn't mean you'll end up with grinders with no talent in return. Gaborik would be better off in a situation like Pittsburgh(only for arguments sake) because he would be the 4th wheel at best over there and we would benefit as well assuming we could get good pieces in exchange for him.
Food for thought!

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