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03-14-2013, 08:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Cawz View Post
So Glencross, yeah. I'd have liked to keep Reasoner as well. Brodziak I'd need to be reminded why he wasnt re-signed. Chimera I cant really comment on and the rest had reasons to move on.
IIRC Brodziak lost out to MAP, as the Oilers needed to make a call with one of them, and they chose Brodziak

I think a lot of our problems stem from the fact that the Oilers management group is absolutely in LOVE with young players and 1st rounder draft picks. It seems that youth always trumps actual NHLers. It's baffling, but I don't know of any other team that gives up actual NHLers for magic beans as much as the Oilers have over the years. Obviously before the last CBA in 2005, we were losing these players because of financial concerns, but the youth-train hasn't stopped since then either.

At some point, this team needs to start acquiring NHL players, instead of prospects, picks and AHL players.

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