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Originally Posted by Cawz View Post
Torres and Stoll had issues here. Stoll was also traded for a d-man, which we desperatly needed. You gotta give to get. He was also having concussion issues and playing very poorly when we got rid of him. I seem to remember a lot of fans wanted him gone (and they got their wish).

Torres is a head-case. A couple years ago he sat all summer until the Nucks lowballed him before the season started. So I guess the rest of the NHL GMs should be scolded as well.

Cogs was a small redundant forward. We had zero use for him. It was either him or Gagner.

Cleary, well, I'm pretty sure his development curve would be a bit different if he spent his career on the Oilers instead of the Wings.

Brodziak and Chimera I havent watched that much, so I cant really comment. Both seemed to have improved as soon as they left the Oilers. Maybe that helped their development curve. If they stuck around, they could have been in the list of busts you mentioned. Who knows. Sometimes a trade helps spur a player on.

Glencross, yeah, well, we had Moreau, our captain and supreme leader to help us to the promised land (of numerous first overalls).

So Glencross, yeah. I'd have liked to keep Reasoner as well. Brodziak I'd need to be reminded why he wasnt re-signed. Chimera I cant really comment on and the rest had reasons to move on.
Brodziak and Reasoner were just deemed expendable. Around the time that MacT was having "philosophical differences" with Klowe. All I'll say is MacT had plenty of use for either player and would certainly like players like this.

Not sure what you mean about Stoll, Torres had issues here or Torres is a headcase. I tend to look at the hockey player. What they bring on the ice. Both are exactly what we need in this lineup, like precisely. AS I mentioned what we did suffer through the growing years with these players then send them down the river to teams happy to have them. Tippet, one of the better coaches in the game, is quite pleased with Raffi Torres. When I watch games, and I watch players like this consistently, is I see players that have learned their roles and perform them. I no longer see the "inconsistent efforts" that people saw in a player like Torres. But even if he is he's a game breaker. He's skilled enough he has nights where he gets the big goals and can be an important player. Enigma, sure, thats not always bad. Could we use those 15goals/yr and over 100hits/year on limited minutes? Damn straight.

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