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03-14-2013, 09:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Petey Pucks View Post
really he needs to fix this....he improved his glove hand so why not the rebounds too?
As a goalie for many years, I can tell you why.

Every goalie plays different, but the reason why Henrik never uses his glove like most goalies do, is because he has it designed extra stiff, and padded. Not only to protect against stingers, (which ****ing kill in the palm) but because he prefers to use his glove to 'block' opposed to catching the puck like a baseball player does. If you watch him closely, the only time he catches a puck is when it finds it way directly into the webbing, or t-trap of his glove.

My point is, Henrik's style is a 'stop the first shot' mentality. When a shot is easy enough to control the rebound, he will...but on tougher shots, he's concerned more with making the initial save. Technically, you're taught as a goalie to deflect shots to the corners when possible, but sometimes you can't. The initial save is first and foremost.

This doesn't mean that he shouldn't be working on rebound control, he should be. His weaker points are during scrambles where he's more concerned about making save after save, when his priority should be to find the puck and cover it with any means necessary.

He's not perfect, he's human. Every goalie has faults.

I take Henrik over ANY other goalie in the league. He's the best technical goalie in the league. No one can come close.

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