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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
How many of those guys with high PPG in the playoffs were eliminated in the first or second round? It's MUCH harder to maintain a high scoring pace as the playoffs move along.

I'm pretty sure Claude Giroux had the highest PPG in the 2012 playoffs because of dominating the first round, despite the fact that he didn't do so well in the second.

I honestly don't see how anyone who followed hockey in the late 90s could question Fedorov in the playoffs. I thought he was the one Detroit player who never had a bad playoff year (and that includes both Yzerman and Lidstrom).
And its also a lot easier to squeak past 20 points when you make the finals every year, right?

I'm not discounting him. He was a playoff performer, no question about it. What I am saying is that these four playoffs are, without a doubt and pretty demonstrably, overrated.

Second of all; for a player being touted as one of the top four of the decade and/or as being more valuable than Gretzky or Lemieux, the fact that we are now at the point of, 'well, some of those NINE people finishing ahead of him in PPG probably don't belond there' says a lot. But sure, I'll play along. . .

1995- Like I said, you can discount Theo Fleury for exactly the reasons you describe. Ron Francis (2nd place) played five less games than Fedorov.

1996- Sakic played more. Mario, well, let's just discount him because he's Mario. Jagr played one less game. Gretzky- same deal as Mario. Roenick played nine less games, so discount him. Nedved; one less game. Yzerman- same team. Corson- six less games, he stands. So being extremely generous to Fedorov, he now moves up to sixth place.

1997- Sakic played three less games. Lindros was a finalist. Claude Lemieux played three less. Gretzky is Gretzky. Kamensky and Forsberg- three less. Kariya- eleven games, let's cut him. And then Brind'Amour and Leclair were, again, finalists. So Feds gets bumped up to eigth place.

1998- Forsberg did a 'Fleury' in a first-round defeat so he's out. Recchi- ten games, he's out. Yzerman's a teammate. Drop the three St Louis Blues who played only ten games (although one's a defenseman, and the other two are journeymen. . .but I want to be fair to Fedorov here). So OK, this year, Sergei moves up from seventh to second. Although, it should be noted, that with those deletions the only people left on the list are Red Wings, of which Fedorov is smack in the middle of; behind Yzerman, just a fraction ahead of Lidstrom (a defenseman) and Holmstrom (one of those 'talentless' wingers poor Sergei always got saddled with). This seems to be just a bizarre year where the other three Conference finalists were Buffalo, Washington and Dallas; all trapping, goalie-oriented teams who didn't have a single PPG player between them. So yes, if we eliminate everyone out in the second-round, Fedorov finishes second in PPG (barely) on the only team left that could score. Bravo.

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