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12-22-2003, 06:12 PM
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Originally Posted by flyers guy
Why? I think he would be a much better motivator in the dressing room than Primeau and JR wants to win more than anyone else out there.
I like Primeau as captain. It isn't always about motivation. As we've seen with the NJ and Sens games there a very psychological side to hockey (sports in general, really) and I think Primeau handles things very well with the players.

JR is a loudmouth who often speaks before he thinks and creates a media circus because of his communication skills. An excellent player to have for his fire and I'm sure he's part of the team leaders that Hitch has set up, but not the captain type. I would imagine he is a motivator.

Primeau never speaks out against the coach, unless like the Bill Barber situation he feels he needs to stick up for his team mates. He says what he means and means what he says. Plays hard almost every night. My only problem right now is his puck handling. It really seems to be suffering right now.

I'm not the keenest observer of the physical part of the game, like who's a good skater and why or if a person is playing his position according to the system, but Handzus looks like he's missing a gear or is very distracted right now. He just seems slow to the point of disinterest in what he's doing. Anybody have any thoughts on that?