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03-14-2013, 09:48 PM
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Originally Posted by SephF View Post
Most people, myself included thought it was a year too long but understood that it's something the Oilers have to do to attract free agents while in the basement. Here's the thread from the day we signed Eager, lots of positive comments :

It was almost unanimous that everyone "loved" the signing.
I didn't. It was Canada Day so I was on some joy juice but heres some of my comments:

How could you compare Bolland, a guy that thinks the game well, is effective all over the ice, and only gets better as the games get bigger, with a schmuck like Eager?

WE have Eager because he's imminently expendable. Guy hits a lot, can fight, takes a lot of pim and loses his head regularly enough.

Ben Eager is not an effective pest. An effective pest imo causes the opposition to take penalties as opposed to harming their own club with idiotic *decisions*.
But we got rid of idiots like Moreau that go around taking stupid penalties.
Its fine to think of it as nothing lost but its the role modeling and learning that I'd be more concerned about.

Less Pro's than Con's with Eager game imo.
my favorite post in that thread:

Heres the equation to make it simple.

Ben Eager = Raffi Torres with his brains knocked out but with a fighting inclination.

If people had watched Ben Eager the last few seasons(except imagine that he was an Oiler over that tenure) they wouldn't want him here anymore. Its easier to ignore how he hurts a club when he's not on your club.
Its easy to ignore how a bad a hockey player he is while playing on good clubs.

Eager will definitely be one of those players that attracts like/dislike from the fanbase.
Eager had nothing to do with the success of either. In the SJ series its easier to argue the opposite, that Eager prevented his team from advancing.

People should be careful with the associative thinking. It brings us a series of players like Fraser, Barker, Foster, Eager.

Just because you played on a good team doesn't mean you are a good player.

Two very good teams that know a lot better than us gave this player up and felt he was entirely expendable.

If SJ wanted Eager they would have retained him I would think.
and so on..

Not the only one either questioning this move. Guys like Everest, Silver also knew this was a nothing addition by an org flailing away.

Rather than noting a plurality note how many people were plain wrong on this player or invoked fantasy on what he would contribute here. But these people are not paid to be pro hockey GM's.

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