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Originally Posted by AslanRH View Post
just read through the signing threads for Zanon and Hunwick.

Rather interesting how much of the Sherman hate stems from the underperforming of ROB, Hunwick, and Zanon this year, but
very few were so convinced that Sherman had created this bad of a defense at the time of the signing. Everyone just knew this was not going to be a great defense.

Every GM makes a poor move here and there, but overall, moves like the ones above are far less costly long term than overpaying for a FA or trading a star player for a poor return.
This is why I still have faith in Sherman, He rarely puts the team in a long term bind, while still trying to improve the team. This off season will be his make or break time though I think.
I agree to a certain extent. But I believe that we have already seen that he is only a puppet. And if that true, the puppetmaster will ship out ROR next deadline.
Sherman will have to fire Sacco soon. He can make all the crazy good trades (I am not a fan of his work but he certainly could be worse in that department) but if he continues to hang onto Sacco, PL will have to let them both go rather sooner than later.

At some point even the Kroenkes will ask some questions.

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