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12-22-2003, 07:24 PM
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Originally Posted by capn89
Would ~I~ do it? HELL YES! I dislike Primeau, the bugger can't shoot, or skate... yeah he's a hell of a defensive forward, but I'm not a fan... and I dislike our goaltending... both of them... I hope I'm proven wrong, and eat these words, but, Esche will NEVER be ANYTHING in the NHL, he's an NHL backup at best. He'll never win a cup as a starter, and if he ever wins a Vezina I'll probably pee my pants.
All I can say is Osgood was a backup once and Brodeur JUST won the Vezina for the FIRST time last year. That's 2 rings for Osgood, one as a backup and 3 for Brodeur in less than 10 years and he JUST won the Vezina. Would you have guessed that?

I don't know that anyone is thrilled with the goaltending but to say "NEVER be anything in the NHL" is just a little far fetched. He already IS something. He's a young backup who is generally solid when playing regularly.

Kolzig- no cups
Khabibulin-no cups
Hasek- one cup, late in his career with a strong team in front of him
Belfour-one cup, fluke goal, a never used rule that ok'd the cup winning goal
Cujo- no cups, played on a strong, stacked team last year

Even Mike Richter only won once and played on a team that didn't make the playoffs for YEARS. So who IS the sure bet? Brodeur is the only goalie playing with multiple wins and there were years inbetween each one.