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03-14-2013, 10:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Brogosian View Post
This is just wrong.

Minnesota = great fans
Nashville = great fans
Chicago = great fans
St. Louis = rebuiling a great fan base after being awful for years and years
Colorado = multiple cup winner and up and coming, their fans will be there

I don't see the problem. I also find playing Canadian teams VASTLY overrated. I hate pretty much every Canadian team and their fans annoy the hell out of me.

I'd rather play in a division where East West travel doesn't kill our team.

Also, and this is JMO, but if you are too cheap to pay to watch the Jets, then I don't care if you are a fan. It's going to take all of our fans committing at least some dollars to keep this team viable.
These teams fans are hugely underrated.

Minnesota had what 8 straight seasons of sellouts, now back to selling out every game after a period of terrible hockey and just set a record for most jerseys sold.

Nashville has some of loudest and best fans in the league, them (under the new ownership) and San Jose are models of how to generate hockey interest in non-traditional markets, they are doing great. Some great chants in that building.

Chicago has one of the loudest and biggest buildings in the league. No problems here, since Wirtz Sr died it has been a top 10, perhaps a top 5 hockey market.

St. Louis went through some lean years, fanbase got spoiled with 28 straight playoff appearances + having one of the worst population declines in the entire US during the 00's hurt them, but they have one of the youngest and most exciting teams in the NHL with relatively new ownership that is bringing the fans back en masse.

Colorado had a Stanley Cup Champion team delivered to them on a silver plate and once that era ended struggled for a bit, but is quickly gaining back the momentum, Denver is a fantastic sports city and they will support this team.

I, for one, am extremely excited to join this division. Like I said before, this is a group of extremely under appreciated teams that can bond together (through mutual hatred ) and forge their identity together as a scrappy underdog bunch that battles hard every night, particularly against each other. I am super excited about this realignment, it is by far the best possible realignment for the Jets.

Originally Posted by Gnova View Post
I thought CI was $120/yr for a full season.
Last time I bought it for a full season (06-07) it was 180$. Probably gone up since then.

But for me it is completely worth it. Most TV sucks, IMO, and having something to watch every night for 6 hours is fantastic. Then again, I do find even the most "boring" matchup interesting since I love watching the best hockey in the world and I could name 5 players in any matchup in the NHL I love watching play the game of hockey...

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