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03-14-2013, 11:02 PM
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All Purpose EJ Trade Thread

The Greg Sherman Thread seems to have been overrun with people wanting to discuss the EJ/Stewart trade...and believe it or not, some other posters would like to visit the Sherman Thread and not have to wade through that entire debate. So THIS thread will be Sticky'd for the time being to continue that discussion, and will be Sticky'd until such a time that the Mod's decide that it's not needed anymore.

I made this separate thread because I thought that Foppa2118 did a really nice job with the Sherman thread, and was tired of seeing that one constantly being turned into an EJ Trade discussion thread.

Posts that add NOTHING to the discussion, like "EJ Sucks", "Stewart Sucks", etc. will be considered Spam (adding to Post Count) and will be Infracted accordingly.

Rest assure, if I interpret posts as Trolling/Flaming/etc. there will be NO Warnings given, only Infractions, take a look at how Foppa and ABasin are talking to each other, sure they disagree w/ one another, but they're keeping it civil and are using valid arguments to back/state their cases


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