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03-14-2013, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by SA16 View Post
So what you're really trying to say is
Some of the best players in the NHL are Chris Kunitz, Jakub Voracek, PA Parenteau, Chris Stewart and Sam Gagner

And some poor players are Marian Gaborik, Loui Eriksson, Johan Franzen, RNH, and Patrick Marleau (afterall Marleau did score 10 goals in the first 5 games and now only has 3 in the last 20 so he must be a scrub who should be traded)
Where have I ever said he should be traded this season? I'm an advocate of shopping him in the off-season....

And I call a spade a spade when I see it - that means criticizing players when their play warrants it, regardless of what they did 1, 2, 3 years ago for you.... Gaborik's performance this season has been unacceptable. Scoring goals in just 5 of 27 games.... You think I'm only looking at this season when I say we should trade im in the off-season? Think again.... Look at the contracts that are set to expire this season and next and you tell me where we're going to find the room to give raises to our key young & core players and also try and address our depth concerns throughout the remainder of the line-up...

Important Questions:

Do you see any signs of Gaborik turning his game around anytime soon?

Do you have any confidence Gaborik is going to figure out how to elevate his game against teams like Pittsburgh & Boston in the playoffs when the going gets tough and everything is on the line?

Do you feel optimistic he will stay 100% healthy since apparently around here, Gaborik is hurting everytime he stinks?

I can't answer YES to any of these questions.... We can keep the guy another season and likely get more of the same from him, or we can try and trade him to a Western Conference team in return for a younger forward (or forward prospect) + pick(s) and look to address our depth through the FA market.... How did those trades work out for Philly??? Sure those forwards they moved had different contracts than Gabby but they really maximized their return in those trades and they really found gems in Voracek and Simmonds... Schenn is having a strong season as a 2nd year player too..

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