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03-14-2013, 11:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
Agreed. Even if we don't draft Jones and add one of the top forwards at the draft, we'll be ok offensively with a better coach.

But we need to find a way to add that defender without gutting our offense. Otherwise we'll just ne shifting a strength into being average.
It's interesting how the conversations have changed since last off-season.

I noticed your now a lot more on board with keeping all three of our centers and trying to find a way to fill that hole in other ways.

One thing I haven't seen discussed almost at all, is trading our 1st round pick this year as part of a package for that defender. If it really looks like we are going to have a top 5 pick, then all of the sudden that 1st rounder has the value needed to bring the player we need in a trade.

I was thinking something like 1st + Sgarbossa or something like that for Yandle, Phoenix sheds salary, the draft is deep in high offensive potential forwards. And they have the depth to weather the blow for a player that may not be ready to step in next year.

Just throwing it out there, as I see it's the only thing valuable enough to bring back the type of player we need in trade. Obviously if we are drafting Jones then no... But that means the #1 over all.

So maybe at the draft in order to make sure? But.. if we could do it now it's a gamble on both sides. We could not end up with a high enough pick to make it happen, or we could end up 1st over all...

(I personally don't see us any higher/worse than FLA, BUF, and teams like CGY, EDM, CLB will be right on our ass.)

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