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03-15-2013, 12:36 AM
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Originally Posted by WeekendAtBernies View Post
Do you really want to commit 9 years to a 34 year old goalie though? I think he's a very good goalie, but the length of that contract is so bad. With the new CBA, you couldn't even sign a multiple vezina winning 25 year old goalie to a 9 year contract.

How many long-term contracts to aging goalies have really worked out well for teams? I can't think of many. Brodeur comes to mind I guess, but for every 1 good one I can think of 4-5 bad ones.
Normally, I'd agree. I'm the first to speak out on the riskiness of goaltending. Very few goaltenders are at the top with consistency. Luongo is one of those goaltenders, however. His save percentage has never been below 91.3, and I wouldn't bet on him being much different for the next few seasons.

I know he's turning 34, but he will retire as soon as he turns 40 and his contract goes from 6.7m -> 3.3m -> 1.7m. At a $5.3m cap hit, I'm not too concerned. His contract is essentially a 6yr deal. I'm not afraid of that-- I don't see how it could come back to bite us.

I'd take that risk, especially if the price to pay is Danny Briere.

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