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03-15-2013, 01:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Chapin Landvogt View Post
Hmmm, really wouldn't be so sure about that bolded part.


Bailey is a pretty doggone talented kid. His actual skillset isn't something astute followers of the game question when it comes to analyzing Josh. That he doesn't have more tangible NHL results is an entirely different issue - and not one that isn't very much linked to how the Isles handled him after his having been drafted.

And as far as pre-NHL achievements are concerned, who's to say Bailey wouldn't have done EVERYTHING or more than Strome has had Bailey been allowed to develop normally instead of being force-fed into the NHL as an 18 year old?

Heck, they brought him in right after a 96 point OHL season. It was a year in which, as we now know, he'd have piloted a Memorial Cup winner and likely would have been on a medal-winning Canadian WJC team.

This said, we better hope for our franchise's sake that Strome develops (or is allowed to by NYI management) much more properly than was the case with Bailey. They've definitely handled him differently. This team desperately needs him to take the kind of steps that the Eberles and Seguins of the league have for their teams. When he eventually arrives, it's THAT kind of impact he needs to make here.
I hope Strome doesn't have the same mental makeup as Bailey or we are in trouble. Bailey is a head case much like Bertuzzi...maybe he'll be able to snap out of it but there will always be something wrong with him...

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