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Originally Posted by ahtikullervo View Post

Both great hockey players and strong persons.

Career: Selšnne
Peak: Selšnne
Season: Selšnne

Fedorov was during his career also Duck. The way Ducks who have the experience of having both guys decided awhile ago when Fedorov was let go and Selšnne ... ok. Sergei is a nice guy and doing great work with Moscow CSKA as a GM today, but I go with Teemu in all categories. The support cast Feds had in DRW and Flash in the Mighty Ducks is not comparable. Also one was centerman another wing does not help this comparison.
This is the problem with assessing Selanne's career in general: he wasn't even the best forward on the team in those earlier years with the Ducks, Kariya was. In fact, for most of his career, he hasn't been the best forward on his team. It's not even clear he was the best player on those Jets teams, as Tkachuk was a dominant force and undoubtedly deserves to be in the conversation after Teemu's heroic rookie season. He has been consistent, he is incredibly talented, he's a hall of famer for sure. But he's not what some people on here are making him out to be.

As far as who the better player is: I think it's hard to argue that Selanne had a better peak. For about three years, Fedorov was one of the top-three to five or so players in the league. Selanne has never had a stretch like that. But Selanne's career numbers are hard to beat. I also think that Fedorov's best season was on another level when measured against Selanne's rookie year which, as has been pointed out many, many times took place in perhaps the freakiest of freaky seasons in NHL history.

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