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Originally Posted by mossey3535 View Post
Boucher would totally fit here. Can we get a semi-objective assessment of why he sucks? I don't think he does. When he got adequate goaltending from old man Roloson the team looked like a juggernaut.

I would take Laviollette because we don't need him to be good for years, we just need him to do what he did with Carolina, and then fire him just like every other team who has hired him did lol.
As far as i'm concerned...the biggest weakness with Boucher (and it's a big one), is that he doesn't seem capable of walking any sort of line between 'full bore offense' and '1-3-1 shell mode defense'. There's just no middleground with him. It's either 'full attack' or 'full defend'.

And colour me unimpressed that he managed to facilitate one of the best natural goal-scoring talents of our generation...into a goal-scorer.

Originally Posted by vanuck View Post
Which is fine, actually. Most coaches don't last more than a couple of years anyway. But still, Boucher or Cooper for me. Preferably the latter...
The thing is, it's not fine. Torts would be destroyed by our media a week into his stay with the kind of antics he pulls, and the players here wouldn't stand for it either.

But more than that...his style of gameplay is the completely opposite direction of where we would want to go if a defensive-oriented coach in AV isn't getting it done.

To me...Torts is everything we despise about AV...times a million, without any of the redeeming qualities.

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