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03-15-2013, 02:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Moklok View Post
Diaz didnt fight for awhile cause he was banned for 1 year. Also, while the judges gave the victory to Condit, a ton of people consider Diaz the winner. Wouldnt be the first time judges ****ed up.

Oh and IIRC Hendricks was gonna get the fight, but GSP requested Diaz. This fight wasnt UFC's idea, it was GSP's.
Condit won that fight.

Condit outlanded Diaz in total strikes 146 to 110
Diaz outlanded Condit 86 to 42 in total arm strikes landed
Condit outlanded Diaz 104 to 19 in total leg strikes landed

Especially considering Diaz is overwhelmingly a boxing guy.

Yeah GSP requested Diaz but since when does champs have the right to choose everyone they want to fight? The UFC didn't oppose it simply because they knew it would sell more ppv.

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