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03-15-2013, 02:15 AM
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Originally Posted by 5RingsAndABeer View Post
When you finish near the bottom of the league, you deserve the best players. It's a key part of parity. If you don't want the same teams to end up there, allow them to get better. Edmonton has tried through UFA, RFA, trades, etc... Every single possible avenue. All they have is the draft. Let Edmonton sign fully-developed elite talent like Kovalchuk or Hossa and then you can draft undeveloped guys who could potentially be decent at 1st overall.

It was because of people crying about tanking that we had the lottery rule, which allowed the Oilers to jump ahead of the much more deserving Blue Jackets. Poetic justice. More crying happened and now we have the expanded lottery rule. If the Oilers don't make the playoffs, I hope it happens again.
I'm sure Edmonton has tried VERY hard to land UFAs and trade targets. Poor Tambo is a terrific GM but he just can't catch any breaks. 29 teams failed to get Kovalchuk. 29 teams failed to get Hossa.

How do teams like say...Dallas. Who don't have any first overall studs manage to make the playoffs? What big name UFAs did they sign? What big name trades did they make?

I fully support parity and I support high draft picks going to crap teams, but I also support the prevention of talent monopoly. Which is exactly what the Oilers are doing (granted with a funny success rate so far). Why can't Edmonton have,say, the second overall pick if they bomb out this year? Is Seth Jones that much worse than Nathan Mackinnon? Is Nail Yakupov that much better than Alex Galchenyuk (shouldn't be directing this question to an Oiler fan, but no he's not head and shoulders above Nail)? Is Tyler Seguin that much worse than Taylor Hall? Is Gabriel Landeskog or Jonathan Huberdeau that much worse than RNH? No. This stupid WE NEED THE TOP PICK CAUSE WE'RE SUFFERING has overstayed its welcome by now.

Edmonton has been recompensed with the top talent possible quite enough times now. I see nothing wrong with an opportunity at Jones, Drouin, or Barkov. Hell maybe someone takes someone other than Mackinnon first overall and you get your guy anyway. As a fan of a sports team or two, generally I've discovered that when a large mass of fans are aggravated by something that has to do with my team (Ducks being dirty in 06-07, Lakers being led by a ballhog for example) there's generally some kind of truth behind it. If I was an Oiler fan I wouldn't just be embarrassed by these consistent poor finishes, the thought of "fourth straight first overall pick" would make me feel absolutely disgusting. I can't bear the thought of the Ducks being in the hole so bad that we have to pick first TWICE, let alone four times.

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