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Hello Jukka,

Armed with the good wishes of all Canadians, the Winnipegs (Winnipeg Hockey Club), Canada's Olympic hockey team, left Winnipeg's Canadian National train depot January 26, 1932 aboard the "Continental Limited" and set out for Lake Placid, New York in quest of the 1932 Olympic and amateur world hockey championship. In addition to the 15 players, the Olympic party included coach Jack Hughes, 2 trainers and 7 officials of the Winnipeg club. The Winnipegs did not travel directly to Lake Placid, but headed for eastern Canada where they would play two exhibition games.

About 6,000 fans greeted the Winnipegs in their first exhibition game at Maple Leaf Gardens January 29, when they played against the Nationals (Sea Fleas) and Marlboros, Toronto's O.H.A. senior representatives. The Nationals (Sea Fleas) faced the Winnipegs for the first 30 minutes (which included the 1st period and 10 minutes of the 2nd period), and then the Marlboros played the last 10 minutes of the 2nd period and the entire 3rd period.

29 January 1932 (at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto)
Toronto clubs 1:0 Winnipegs (1:0, 0:0, 0:0)

WINNIPEGS: Goal--Cockburn. Defense--Hinkel, Sutherland. Centre--Monson. Right wing--Lindquist. Left wing--Rivers. Alternates--Garbutt, Moore, Simpson, Crowley, Wise, Wooley, Duncanson, Malloy, Wagner.

NATIONALS: Goal--Mueller. Defense--Hearn, Lamport. Centre--Lough. Right wing--R. Paul. Left wing--McMullen. Alternates--Collins, McNeil, McIntyre, Chisholm.

MARLBOROS: Goal--Harris. Defense--Robertson, Morrison. Centre--Ewens. Right wing--Hackett. Left wing--Boll. Alternates--Radke, Olliver, Beal, Fellbaum, Doran.

Referee: Ernie Collett

First Period:
1. Nationals, Jimmy McMullen (unassisted), 11:00
Penalty: Winnipegs--Simpson (tripping)

Second Period:
No scoring.
Penalties: Winnipegs--Hinkel (tripping), Winnipegs--Monson (tripping), Winnipegs--Rivers (boarding).

Third period:
No scoring. No penalties.

Next up for the Winnipegs, an exhibition contest against the Ontario Hockey Association clubs: Cataracts of Niagara Falls, Ontario and the Sailors of Port Colborne, Ontario. The Winnipegs played 30 minutes each against the two squads and won by 2-0 margin, scoring one goal against each.

1 February 1932 (at Niagara Falls, Ontario)
Winnipegs 2:0 Ontario clubs (1:0, 0:0, 1:0)

WINNIPEGS: Goal--Cockburn. Defense--Hinkel, Sutherland. Centre--Monson. Right wing--Malloy. Left wing--Simpson. Subs--Lindquist, Rivers, Wise, Duncanson.

PORT COLBORNE: Goal--Moore. Defense--Reid, Hudson. Centre--Morrill. Right wing--Mountain. Left wing--Shannon. Subs--Heximer, Wade, Nixon, Cuthbert.

NIAGARA FALLS: Goal--Esseltine. Defense--Kalbfleisch, Bowman. Centre--Kaminsky. Right wing--Smith. Left wing--Peterkin. Subs--Hunter, Lauzon, Maki, Weir.

Referee: George Pennie (Niagara Falls)

First Period:
1. Winnipegs, Harold Simpson (unassisted), 17:15
No penalties.

Second Period:
No scoring.
Penalty: Winnipegs--Hinkel (tripping)

Third Period:
2. Winnipegs, Harold Simpson (unassisted), 9:30
Penalties: Niagara Falls--Bowman, Winnipegs--Hinkel.

The Winnipegs then headed off for the third Winter Olympic games, where because of unprecedented economic conditions all over the world caused by the Great Depression, only 4 countries entered the Oympic hockey competition (Poland, Germany, Canada and the U.S.). Each team played the other twice, so that there were 12 games on the official Olympic program. Because of the limited entry list, the International Olympic Committee gave permission for enough exhibition contests to be staged to complete the minimum schedule of 18 games. There were 5 games in this exhibition series, participated in by the 4 Olympic teams and the following non-Olympic teams: McGill University of Canada and the Lake Placid Athletic Club.
Two games, originally scheduled to be played between Lake Placid AC-Canada and Lake Placid AC-USA, were instead replaced by one game between a team made up of players from the Canadian and United States Olympic teams against the Lake Placid AC. As a result of this the complete hockey schedule consisted of 17 games.

Feb 4 -- CAN 2:1 USA (OT) (0:0, 0:1, 1:0, 1:0)
Feb 6 -- CAN 4:1 GER (2:0, 2:0, 0:1)
Feb 7 -- CAN 9:0 POL (2:0, 5:0, 2:0)
Feb 8 -- CAN 5:0 GER (2:0, 1:0, 2:0)
Feb 9 -- CAN 10:0 POL (5:0, 1:0, 4:0)
Feb 13 -- CAN 2:2 USA (3 OT) (1:1, 0:1, 1:0, 0:0, 0:0, 0:0)

CANADA Exhibition games during the Olympics:
Feb 5 -- McGill University 2:0 Canada Olympics (2:0, 0:0, 0:0)
Feb 11 -- Canada-USA 3:2 Lake Placid AC (OT) (1:1, 1:0, 0:1, 1:0)

GK: William Cockburn, 5 gp (262 mins played), 4 goals against, 2 shutouts
GK: Stanley Wagner, 1 gp (45 mins played), 0 goals against, 1 shutout

C: Walter Monson...........6 gp, 7 goals, 3 pim
C: Harold Simpson...........5 gp, 6 goals, 6 pim
LW: Romeo Rivers...........6 gp, 5 goals, 0 pim
RW: Norman Malloy.........5 gp, 3 goals, 4 pim
RW: Victor Lindquist........5 gp, 3 goals, 2 pim
D: Roy Hinkel..................6 gp, 2 goals, 6 pim
LW: Alston Wise..............5 gp, 2 goals, 0 pim
D: Hugh Sutherland..........6 gp, 1 goal, 4 pim
C: George Garbutt............1 gp, 1 goal, 0 pim
RW: Kenneth Moore..........1 gp, 1 goal, 0 pim
RW: Albert Duncanson.......1 gp, 1 goal, 0 pim
F/D: Clifford Crowley.........1 gp, 0 goals, 0 pim

Canada's Olympic team then made its first appearance since winning the Olympic title, by traveling to Montreal to face a strong all-star squad picked from the 5 teams of Montreal's senior group league, before some 7,000 fans at the Forum.

15 February 1932 (at Montreal Forum)
Winnipegs 2:1 Montreal All-Stars (1:0, 0:0, 1:1)

WINNIPEGS: Goal--Cockburn. Defense--Sutherland, Hinkel. Centre--Monson. Right wing--Duncanson. Left wing--Rivers. Alternates--Simpson, Malloy, Wise, Garbutt.

MONTREAL ALL-STARS: Goal--Powers. Defense--Mackenzie, N. Crutchfield. Centre--S. Germain. Right wing--McGill. Left wing--Neville. Alternates--Raymond, Brunel, Farmer, McGillivray, Alexander, Carlin, Slater, Coulter.

Referees: Mallinson and Walter Small.

First Period:
1. Winnipegs, Monson (unassisted), 17:05
Penalties: (WIN) Sutherland, (MON) Carlin, (WIN) Simpson.

Second Period:
No scoring.
Penalty: (WIN) Garbutt

Third Period:
2. Montreal, Carlin (unassisted), 2:00
3. Winnipegs, Wise (Duncanson), 11:30
Penalties: (WIN) Rivers, (WIN) Duncanson, (MON) McGillivray, (MON) Crutchfield, (MON) Carlin, (WIN) Sutherland.

17 February (at Ottawa)
Ottawa All-Stars 4:1 Winnipegs (1:0, 3:0, 0:1)
Attendance: 6,000
OTTAWA goals: Jack Moussette (2), Bill Cowley (1), George Reaume (1)
WINNIPEGS goal: George Garbutt (assist to Sutherland)

19 February (at Atlantic City, New Jersey)
Winnipegs 5:1 Atlantic City Sea Gulls
WINNIPEGS goals: Romeo Rivers (3 goals--all unassisted), Duncanson (assist to Wise).
ATLANTIC CITY goal: Ray Levia (assist to Charley Nicholson)

21 February (at Madison Square Garden, New York)
Winnipegs 5:2 Brooklyn Crescents (3:1, 2:0, 0:1)
Attendance: 7,000
Referees: French and MacDonnell
Time of periods: 15 minutes

WINNIPEGS: Goal--Cockburn. Defense--Hinkel, Sutherland. Centre--Monson. Right wing--Malloy. Left wing--Rivers. Spares--Garbutt, Moore, Simpson, Crowley, Wise, Wooley, Duncanson, Wagner.

CRESCENT ATHLETIC-HAMILTON CLUB: Goal--Archambault. Defense--Pettis, Schroeder. Centre--R. Blinco. Right wing--Thompson. Left wing--L. Blinco. Spares--Gabler, McTiernan, Lussey, Smith, Callahan, Earl Brill, Evan Brill, Baylis, Hubert.

First Period:
1. Winnipegs, Malloy (unassisted), 0:38
2. Winnipegs, Monson (Malloy), 2:41
3. Winnipegs, Wise (Garbutt), 9:32
4. Crescents, Lloyd Blinco (unassisted), 10:52

Second Period:
5. Winnipegs, Duncanson (unassisted), 6:56
6. Winnipegs, Duncanson (unassisted), 8:54

Third Period:
7. Crescents, Russell Blinco (unassisted), 3:15

Total Penalties: (WIN) Hinkel--2 penalties, (CRE) Schroeder--2 penalties, (CRE) L. Blinco, (WIN) Rivers.

22 February (at New York Coliseum)
Winnipegs 10:3 Bronx Hockey Club (5:0, 2:0, 3:3)
Attendance: 1,200
Referee: Ernie Davin

WINNIPEG H.C.: Goal--Cockburn. Defense--Hinkel, Sutherland. Centre--Monson. Right wing--Malloy. Left wing--Rivers. Spares--Simpson, Wise, Duncanson, Garbutt, Lindquist.

BRONX H.C.: Goal--Lane. Defense--N. Anton, Bigford. Centre--Robinson. Right wing--Chase. Left wing--Trimaree. Spares--Sweeney, Wahnquist, T. Anton, Gillespie, McPherson, Stubbs.

WINNIPEGS goals: Malloy (3), Monson (2), Simpson (2), Rivers (2), Sutherland (1).
BRONX HC goals: Stubbs (2), Gillespie.

WINNIPEG penalties (2 minutes each): Monson, Sutherland, Duncanson, Garbutt, Hinkel.
BRONX penalties (2 minutes each): N. Anton, Wahnquist, T. Anton.

24 February 1932 (at Hamilton, Ontario)
Winnipegs 2:2 Hamilton (0:0, 1:1, 1:1)
Attendance: 2,000
Referees: Percy Leseuer and Lou Marsh.

WINNIPEGS: Goal--Cockburn. Defense--Hinkel, Sutherland. Centre--Monson. Right wing--Malloy. Left wing--Rivers. Alternates--Wise, Simpson, Garbutt, Duncanson.

HAMILTON TIGERS: Goal--Marsh. Defense--McKay, Stewart. Centre--McGowan. Right wing--Louch. Left wing--Hayhoe. Alternates--Farrell, Anderson, Fitzgerald, Bellingham, Conick.

First Period:
No scoring.

Second Period:
1. Hamilton, Hayhoe (McGowan, Louch), 1:20
2. Winnipeg, Malloy (Monson), 16:40

Third Period:
3. Winnipeg, Simpson (unassisted), 14:00
4. Hamilton, Fitzgerald (Anderson), 14:40.

28 February 1932 (at Fort William)
Fort William Forts 3:0 Winnipegs
Attendance: 2,700

Fort William goals: Ross Knowles (2), Bert Milligan (1) (assist to Barry Robillard)

29 February 1932 (at Port Arthur)
Winnipegs 1:0 Port Arthur (1:0, 0:0, 0:0)
Referee: Albert Pudas

WINNIPEG: Goal--Cockburn. Defense--Hinkel, Sutherland. Centre--Monson. Right wing--Malloy. Left wing--Rivers. Alternates--Garbutt, Duncanson, Wise, Lindquist, Simpson.

PORT ARTHUR: Goal--Langner. Defense--Wilson, Dafoe. Centre--Friday. Right wing--Sands. Left wing--Saxberg. Alternates--Deacon, Thompson, Allin, Hall, Checkley.

First Period:
1. Winnipegs, Wise (Monson), 17:20
Penalty: (WIN) Hinkel

Second Period:
No scoring.
Penalties: (WIN) Monson, (PA) Dafoe

Third Period:
No scoring.
Penalties: (WIN) Hinkel, (WIN) Sutherland, (PA) Wilson

The Winnipegs then headed home for Winnipeg arriving the next day March 1st, to the biggest parade that city had ever seen. Cheered by more than 50,000 supporters, Winnipeg citizens braved a blizzard to welcome home their Olympic and world champions of 1932.

Allright, Jukka, there's the exhibition results (10 games) of the 1932 Winnipeg Hockey Club. Hope this helps your files.

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