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07-30-2006, 09:57 PM
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Oh yes

Originally Posted by DaHabsRule View Post
First of all, they can draw 10,000. D-Rays average is 17,487. Marlins 12,540.

Difference between these two teams and the Expos, they've also got a TV and radio deal... unlike Les Expos.
Mr Jeffrey Loria made sure that there was no radio deal for Montreal Expos. Now why would he have wanted to do that?

Loria poisoned the well in that move and many others. He ultimately got what he wanted. MLB got what they wanted. Both profited HUGELY by screwing Montreal:

Loria who "bought" the Expos (interesting choice of words) for about 40 million and got 80 million from MLB when the Marlins Red Sox ownership flip occurred. MLB got the Spos, Loria got the Marlins, and the previous Marlins owner got the Sox. Loria also got an interest free loan of 35 million from MLB of which 5 million was to be forgiven if Florida did not build him a new stadium. MLB got the Spos and could contract them if it would be allowed. However, instead they sold this team to the new Washington owners for 400 million PLUS

Do ya think maybe it worked out well for Loria and MLB to sink the Spos?

There are several teams that have done much worse than Montreal at the gate and they are still around, including: San Fran, Oakland, and Atlanta

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