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Originally Posted by VaxjoDevil View Post
After the concert yesterday a guy comes to me and says "hey I saw you on TV playing hockey I was really impressed". Oh thank you, you play also, I asked. "Eh, yes, I have a National Championship with HV71". OK haha. Supercool guy, asked him a lot. He was teaching me how to take a hit so that it hurts more to hit me than being hit. I didn't want to tell him we don't hit in men's league, he seemed to have a real twisted view on my level of play. There was also another retired player who I watched as a kid on the national team. He was pretty drunk though, talked to him at the bar. That guy went with some friends to party on and pick up girls, he wanted me to join but I didn't go for that. But he told me they never really listened to coaches during games. The leaders-players on a team mean more than the coach come games.

The HV71 guy wanted to set me up to practice with the veteran team, which is former HV71 players that get together and scrimmage. Wtf he thinks I can keep up with that, ridiculous. He said they just kid around and I shouldn't worry but no way haha.

It's strange, through my recitals I've met plenty of pro hockey players lately.
Do it. Even if you can't keep up you'll love it. My buddy went and played at an optional practice with the AHL Ducks in Cincinnati when they were here after he was invited and he said the crazy russian guys were passing the puck boards to boards, tape to tape on the rush... between their legs! He ate it up even though he couldn't keep up the pace or skill. Was just some fun stuff and made for great stories. Sean Avery played there too - I hope my buddy drilled him with a shot.


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