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03-15-2013, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Dan-o16 View Post
Strome passes like he means it. Bailey slides it to open ice. IMO the only skill Bailey equals Strome in is stick handling. (Bailey's straight-ahead speed is probably better than Strome, but Strome is a much shiftier skater).
Funny you mention that, because I noticed this once in the game in TB last night (where I didn't think Bailey was all that good, BTW). It ended up getting picked off and he was being checked in the instance.

Still, I don't if it's a consequential point of comparison with these two. I mean, it's not like Bailey can't make a hard, crisp pass. They techically all can at this level. But when guys are in movement, often the best thing to do is to put the puck in a spot and at a speed so that your teammate can skate into it while on the move. I'm sure Strome can or will also do this at times too. It's a good hockey play - often the best choice.

Passing also has to do with speed, movement and timing, all of which are different at the junior level.

Originally Posted by JPIsles21
There are many people that would argue that drafting a player from SEL or KHL is safer because these prospects develop at a higher level of competition than the Juniors. Also, many of the 17-20 year old kids in these leagues get bottom 6 minutes with very little production, and nobody ever talks about their "development" to be ruined.
Hmmm. Don't most NHLers - like all-time - come out of Canadian juniors. I think there's no argument that it is far and away the top junior circuit on the planet.

I think what you're getting at is that teams often find it best to let their Europicks take the normal steps within their respective mens' pro teams overseas. They'll often grant them that time to develop accordingly and establish themselves as pro players right on their own home turf. Detroit has done this a lot. Ottawa recently did it with Silfverberg. They might have done it longer with Zibanejad, had his pro team not been relegated last spring.

However, the way he processes the game has regressed. He just does not look comfortable out there. It seems as though he has no set role and is confused (perhaps overthinking) about what the right play is with and without the puck in the offensive zone.
He's not looking particularly good right now. This could be attributable a bit to the 3-4 week layover due to whatever injury he got in Germany. I'd also say that, even if it's better than sitting at home and watching TV, having played in Germany's second league (approx. ECHL level), wasn't the best decision as it is a CRAP league for a young NHLer to spend his time in. You don't want to get yourself used to the routines in a league like that.

... coach's ability to a) know his players inside and out, b) taking that knowledge and placing those players in a situation to succeed. Unfortunately Capuano seems to fail at both tasks.
Well, as several of us have been pouncing on for a while now, why a one Mr. Bailey, who finished last season with 17 points in 19 games as a RW on a line with Grabner-Nielsen, is A) not on the RW side, B) not on a line with Grabner-Nielsen and maybe even C) has never been tried as a RW option with Tavares, has to make one seriously question whether the coaching staff (I'm gonna include Weight in this, as we shouldn't forget that Bailey's progress should be one of Dougie's biggest tasks as the 'offensive, playmaking' mentor here) is truly interested in getting something tangible out of Josh.

Originally Posted by kasper11
Funny thing about Bailey, he wasn't a bad pick if you look at who was drafted after him. The next five picks are two players that are clearly better (Hodgson and Myers) and three that look like busts (Beach, Teubert and Boychuck).
Always felt that the one true player Bailey will have to be compared with is not so much who we could have had by not dropping down, but by who we didn't pick who many felt should have gone at 9, namely Hodgson.

I gotta agree with Redbull's assessment on that front. In light of his back problems, I'm happy for him that he's able to play and contribute. Still, to date, Bailey has been the more succussful NHLer.

Originally Posted by leaponover
Bailey is a head case much like Bertuzzi...maybe he'll be able to snap out of it but there will always be something wrong with him...
Like Bertuzzi? How do you figure?

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