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(Real) Name: Christin
Age: 47
Age you act: varies depending on the day
Sex: f
Birthplace: Cincinnati, OH / Hometown: Louisville, KY
Where you live: Marysville, OH
Distinguishing Physical Characteristic: Glasses
Nationality: Unknown (I'm adopted!)
Mode of Transportation: Dodge Caravan
Job: Administration
College Attended/Attending: Louisville (ugh)

How you became a Jackets' fan: moved here in September 2001, after living nine months in Pittsburgh. We were new, CBJ were still new, 11+ years later we're both still here.

Favorite Jackets Player: JMFJ
Favorite NON Jackets Player: Jody Shelley
Favorite piece of Blue Jacket paraphernalia (souvenir): it seems every time we acquire some type of CBJ paraphernalia (say signed puck, tshirt, hockey card, print, etc) the players end up traded...
Hockey Jerseys In Wardrobe: CBJ original (Shelley), CBJ new logo (no name)

Video Game Systems Owned: I don't, but my kids own a variety.
Favorite Game(s): Zork
Music/Bands You Like: The Beatles, Cheap Trick, Bowie
Favorite Movie(s): Desk Set, any Monty Python, The Shop Around the Corner, Star Wars, Sunset Boulevard
Favorite TV Show: UK Basketball
Favorite Food: seafood
Most Interesting/Unusual Person/Entity You Follow on Twitter: @DumbestLaws and @boygeorge

Anything Else: I read often but lurk 99.9% of the time around here. Not sure why though.

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