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Originally Posted by quoipourquoi View Post
And I have a twelve-inch doll of Sergei Fedorov, but it doesn't make him finish top-eight in points seven times - or even just twice. There's nothing EASY about this comparison; we're comparing an habitual 60-70 point defensive forward with a questionable work ethic on the deepest team in hockey to an offensive star from two bottom-feeders with devastating injuries and an uncommon back-nine resurgence. The only thing they have in common is their popularity. Everything else was different: opportunities, responsibilities, attitude, teammates, coaching, etc.
Yes and Stevie Y was a habitual PPG player, if we take out the beginning of his career as well.

While we are at it, a habitual 60-70 top defensive type center is really extremely good for the "clutch and grab era."

I'll take his performance in the 90's over an over rated bobby clarke in the 70's 8 days a week and Clarke was my favorite player as a kid but no paraphernalia sadly.

Yeah, Fedorov's playoffs are going to get called into question. Two people just said he was more valuable in the 1990s than Gretzky and Lemieux. Not everyone gets the chance to collect 11 and 9 points from bottom-ten defensive teams like the 1998 Coyotes and 1995 Sharks. Some players jump into the playoffs with 109 points and see Nicklas Lidstrom looking at them in the first round. When was the last time Fedorov had to deal with #5 trying to shut him down in the playoffs? I don't think those Sandis Ozolinsh matchups took a lot out Fedorov.
Look, when you bring up on how Wayne beat up on LA, Winnipeg and Vancouver in the early 80's then we can compare on which player scored less meaning full points, which is what you are implying here.

Wayne never had to deal with the Moose either but who cares.

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