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Originally Posted by AslanRH View Post

Unless Sakic is willing to coach on an interim basis (which I doubt: could he sit Hejduk if needed?) Sacco has to stay.
1) Who will coach the rest of the year? If its Quinn or Army, and the Avs go on a run or at least show improvement, it opens the door for that coach to stay on for next year.
2) Better to see who all the available options are this summer. This team needs a coach with some experience in the NHL. I know many want Roy, but he'll want too much player control, and I'm not a fan of one person being the Coach and GM of a team in any sport.
3) Very unlikely that the Avs make the playoffs even if they go on a run, so no point in the upheaval, when worst case scenario is the team tanks for another month and a half.

JMO, but I think Sacco stays til after the last game, but I bet he's gone before the ice melts.
With only 22 games left in the season and the record we currently have, he won't be fired for sure. It would be a classic 'shoot yourself in the foot'. We'd likely improve and go on a bit of a run but I doubt very much that we'd be able to go on a 15-7 run, that's pretty unlikely. That would likely make us miss the playoffs but 4-8 points and we'd end with the 13th overall pick or something like that. Might as well stick it out for another 22 games and get a much better prize.

As far as Roy and his 'too much player control', how do you know how much control he wants? I've always imagined that he wants 'his say' and be part of player decisions along with the GM, not necessarily take the decisions for the GM. I believe it can work ESPECIALLY if you've established your core of players moving forward and most of the decisions that need to be made are on complimentary & depth guys.

Put it this way, if Roy wants too much player control, I doubt very much that he'll be a head coach in the NHL. The GM/HC combo is a thing of the past.

Originally Posted by Freudian View Post
Disclaimer: I have no idea how good a coach Quinn is. He might be a superb coach.

With that out of the way, I'm not sure firing Sacco and naming Quinn interim coach is a good idea. It tends to lock the organization into that coach if he only does ok rest of the way (Richards, Capuano etc) and you don't explore other options going forward but make the interim coach the head coach next season.

There are a lot of AHL coaches that seem to combine the best of modern and traditional coaching. Demanding but without a lot of the mind games old school coaches love. Dallas Eakins and Jon Cooper are two examples of coaches like that. If we're going to get a new coach (which seems all but inevitable at this stage) I'd like Avs to explore all options and not just the lowest hanging fruit.
I absolutely agree with you. Personally though, I still firmly believe that the replacement choice is already made.

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