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03-15-2013, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Dylonus View Post
How's this for a scary thing? Players on team still are in bold

- 2010 NFL Draft -

2nd - Jason Worilds - Underachieved thus far with 0 sacks against an NFL Lineman.


This is extremely alarming. In 2007, only the top two picks remain. No one from 2008 remain. Including a bust at WR in round 2, and a OLB in round 3 that never got a chance. 2009 has our 1st (nothing special) and an H-Back in round 7 left.

2010 isn't even promising. Glad we hit a home run with Pouncey but what was with the Worilds pick? He was a pure LE in a 4-3 in NCAA and had no experience at coming off the edge in a 3-4.

This team has one late round pick (5th and on) that's done anything since 2008. Clearly, our scouts aren't getting it done. Hell, they're missing big time on 2nd rounders to boot (sans Woodley). What the hell is going on?

Take this with a huge grain of salt. I caught part of an ESPNChat yesterday afternoon with KC Joyner. When asked about Worilds, he said he has "double digit sack potential". Now, that's one guy's opinion.

What bothers me is Worilds has had good games on the left side, but will be on the right side this year.

Originally Posted by SteelFish87 View Post
let me guess, you also thought Mahan was a solid center?

sorry bro but Gay is horrible. Hopefully Curtis Brown steps up and takes the #3 spot and we don't have to see Gay much.
Brown was exposed in the games he had to play last year as much as Gay ever has been. Gay at least has made a few plays on the ball and created a couple of turnovers. Brown was nowhere near in position to do either.

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