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03-15-2013, 10:03 AM
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Game 24 vs New Jersey Devils
6-3 Win


1st 12:44 Harrison (Skinner, Jordan Staal)
+1 Jokinen - This is a beauty of a play by Jokinen, stealing the puck and then feathering a perfect little pass off the boards for Staal.
+1 Jordan Staal - Pretty clear that his shot was intended more to create a rebound than anything.
+1 Harrison - This is the first time I can remember him jumping a rush like that. Go figure that he would score a goal that way.
I can't see Skinner doing anything substantial enough here to warrant a plus.

2nd 4:42 Tlusty (Semin, Ellis)
+1 Ellis - Oh yeah, I guess goalies can get pluses too. What a beauty of a lead pass.
+1 Semin - Just a picture-perfect pass through the defender.
+1 Tlusty - This guy needs to take Semin out for dinner after every game. Holy cow does he ever get a lot of golden scoring chances lately.

2nd 11:09 Terry (Eric Staal, Sanguinetti)
I hate doing this to Terry, but this one doesn't count as it was directly off the end of a PP sequence.

2nd 17:15 Skinner (Gleason, Jokinen)
+1 Gleason - Was that Tim Gleason leading a rush down to the goal line!?
+1 Skinner - Nice hands in front.


3rd 0:22 Kovalchuk (Fayne, Greene)
-1 Faulk - Tough break, but that's one reason why you square up on defense.

3rd 4:21 Elias (Zidlicky, Volchenkov)
Goaltender Error - Ellis - Also a tough break with that bizarre trajectory, but goalies are expected to get deflections that occur that far away from the net. This one is pretty borderline, though.

+1 Ellis
+1 Gleason
+1 Harrison
+1 Jokinen
+1 Semin
+1 Skinner
+1 Jordan Staal
+1 Tlusty
-1 Faulk

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